Hi, I am Kevin Loeffler. I design and code user experiences to help businesses. Currently studying computer science at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

Storytelling for brands

As humans, we have a predisposition for stories. Some of our first memories are the goodnight stories we were told as kids. When we grow up, we go to the cinema, read books and listen to music. So why not use the power of a good story for your brand or product?

A tested process

Before I draw the first line or write the first line of code, I talk with you and your team about your problem, because often the solution a client wants from me is not the most effective one to solve their problem. Together we work out the right steps for you to take.

Analytical design

If you need someone to make it beautiful, you miss half of what design is about. At the beginning of a project, we define the goal together. Based on that we can measure the outcome of different measures with tangible numbers, guaranteeing clarity for everyone.

We will probably be a good fit if you are a...

Rocket in space


I love to work with StartUps. I love to help creating new things, be it an online or offline product / service. I love the unique atmosphere in a StartUp. I love the way StartUps operate. And I find it important to cultivate a good StartUp culture in Switzerland.



Your organisation does good in the world? Doesn’t matter if you help students from poor families, support LGBTQ+ Teens, build schools in Namibia or fight climate change by planting trees everywhere. Let’s get that project started!


Tech Firm

As a Tech Firm you live in a fast paced, innovation driven world. Competition can be fierce and finding the right team members can be hard. Let me solve one or two problems for you and take some of that stress of your shoulders.

Icon with buildings

Architecture Studio

Comming from an architecture background, I’m uniquely positioned to help solve your challenges. And great architecture is a passion of mine. Let’s build something together.

Different food

Food related

If you run a restaurant, bar, bakery, local shop, or something else food related. I believe that what, how and where we eat and drink plays an integral part in shaping our society and building a healthy and sustainable relationship with our planet.

Abstract shape

or if you have a unique way to solve problems

If you and your team think outside the box, we already have that in common!

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